About Chef Gina

Chef Gina is the fictional main character of Chef Gina’s Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series.

Accused of plagiarizing recipes – television celebrity Chef Gina loses her job and finds her boyfriend cheating all in the same day.  At the urging of her handsome manager, Chef Gina reluctantly goes on the road traveling across the United States — to develop a food blog, cookbook, and kitchen e-store all as part of a plan to re-establish herself as a premier celebrity chef and take back her career.

Chef Gina is a fun and spunky lady who tackles problems head on.  She enjoys yoga as a way to unwind and focus her energy.    She is ambitious in her career goals but also desires love.   She is from a small town in Indiana and with Amish roots she must learn how to embrace her passions without completely turning away from her  heritage.

…Chef Gina in real life:

It is not a coincidence that Chef Gina shares a name with one of the authors – Regina “Gina” Brubaker.    Although our fictional Chef Gina is quite different than our real Gina, they both come from a small town in Indiana, both have an Amish heritage, and both are excellent cooks!

Regina Brubaker is married, has a daughter, and currently lives in Indiana.  She has not yet traveled all across the United States but looks forward to doing just that as the book series is developed!

Regina "Gina" Brubaker
Regina “Gina” Brubaker

… The Rest of the Writing Team:

Co-Author and series creator, Pamela Kemper has joined forces with Regina Brubaker to bring life to Chef Gina.

They are aided by Jeff Kemper in plot and concept development, writing, editing, and recipe development.

Pam and Jeff Kemper currently live in Florida.  Pam is from Indiana.  Jeff is from New Jersey.  And both look forward to traveling the United States alongside Chef Gina!

Jeff and Pam Kemper
Jeff and Pam Kemper

Fans of Chef Gina can contact us at ChefGinaOnline@gmail.com