Book Series


Chef Gina's Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series

Travel alongside Chef Gina in our 32-novella food lit book series.  Food recipes are featured in each story that are enhanced by the local flavors of the 32 states Chef Gina travels to – one state per novella.

Although a fictional series, you will enjoy rooting for Chef Gina as she fights to reclaim her lost career and find true love.  The included recipes are fully developed so you can prepare them in your own kitchen – just as Chef Gina does!  Truly, “Food Lit” at its best!

The series takes you through just over 2 ½ years of Chef Gina’s life.  It starts in Chicago where Chef Gina has just landed a contract as the featured television chef for Chicago Gets Cooking.  Her life is turned upside down when on live television she is accused of plagiarizing recipes and loses her coveted position.  Stunned and jobless, she goes home early only to discover her boyfriend cheating on her!

At the suggestion of her handsome manager, Chef Gina reluctantly goes on the road traveling across the United States -- to develop a food blog, cookbook, and kitchen e-store all as part of a plan to re-establish herself as a premier celebrity chef and take back her career.

Her quest turns out to be more challenging than she ever imagined.  While tackling her new daily life on the road, Chef Gina meets some interesting individuals and has exciting adventures that will leave you eager to read the next book.

The series is fully plotted and the first Book 1:  Tennessee Whiskey Cure is currently being written.  While waiting for the release, follow Chef Gina’s Recipe Blog.  You’ll be rewarded with seeing her story come together!

Chef Gina's Road Trip Across America
Tennessee Whiskey Cure

Book:  1

Tennessee Whiskey Cure

State:  Tennessee

Cooking:  With Whiskey

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Amish Homecoming Feast

Book:  2

Amish Homecoming Feast

State:  Indiana

Cooking:  Amish Influence

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Book:  3

Mackinaw Cherry Redemption

State:  Michigan

Cooking:  With Cherries


Book:  4

Apple Moonlight Christmas

State: Ohio

Cooking:  With Apples


Book:  5

Dutch Chocolate Madness

State:  Pennsylvania

Cooking:  With Chocolate

New York

Book:  6

Pizza, Pasta & Liberty

State:  New York

Cooking:  Pizza, Pasta, & Sauces


Book:  7

Vermont Hops Embraced

State:  Vermont

Cooking:  With Beer


Book:  8

Sailors & Lobster Cages

State:  Maine

Cooking:  With Lobster


Book:  9

Harbors, Ships, & Chowder

State:  Massachusetts

Cooking:  Chowder & Soups


Book:  10

 Love  and  Soft-Shells

State: Maryland

Cooking:  With Crabs

West Virginia

Book:  11

Red-Eye Gravy Remembrances

State:  West Virginia

Cooking:  Red Eye Gravy, Pepperoni Rolls, & Ramps


Book:  12

Beacons and Smoke Houses

State:  Virginia

Cooking:   Virginia Ham and Smoked Meats

South Carolina

Book:  13

South Carolina Low Country

State:  South Carolina

Cooking:  Fried Chicken


Book:  14

Georgia Peach Passion

State:  Georgia

Cooking:  With Peaches


Book:  15

Florida Seafood Nights

State:  Florida

Cooking:  Warm Water Seafood


Book:  16

Alligator Bayou Cafe

State:  Alabama

Cooking:  With Alligator


Book:  17

Kentucky Blackberry Decadence

State:  Kentucky

Cooking:  With Blackberries


Book:  18

Kansas City Spice

State:  Missouri

Cooking:  With BBQ


Book:  19

Dells, Bells & Veils

State:  Wisconsin

Cooking:  With Cheese



Book 20

Ranch Hands, Lambs & Mutton

State:  South Dakota

Cooking:  With  Lamb


Book:  21

Mountain Bikers and Baguettes

State:  Montana

Cooking:  French Bread and Baking


Book:  22

Potatoes and Gem Miners

State:  Idaho

Cooking:  Potatoes and German Food

Washington State

Book:  23

Walla Savory Sweetness

State:  Washington

Cooking:  With Walla Onions


Book:  24

Nappa Valley Wine Kisses

State:  California

Cooking:  With Wine


Book:  25

Fishermen and Salmon Runs

State:  Alaska

Cooking:  With Salmon


Book:  26

Mesquite and Prickly Guides

State:  Arizona

Cooking:  With Mesquite Honey


Book:  27

Ski Instructors & Hot Toddies

State:  Colorado

Cooking:  Preparing Hot Toddies & Drinks

New Mexico

Book:  28

A Peublos & Natillas Christmas

State:  New Mexico

Cooking:  Mexican-American Cuisine


Book:  29

Alamo, Cowboys, and Steer

State:  Texas

Cooking:  With Beef

New Orleans

Book:  30

New Orleans Cajun Dreams

State:  Louisiana

Cooking:  Grits & Cajun Spices


Book:  31

Mississippi Catfish Entanglements

State:  Mississippi

Cooking:  Catfish


Book:  32

Maui Pineapple Nuptials

State:  Hawaii

Cooking:  Pineapple, Spam, & Hawaiian Influence