By ChefGina


What is Food Lit?

“Food Lit” or “Food Literature” is fiction in which the story teller weaves food into the plot.  It is a fantastic way to combine two things that many people love – food with reading.

Chef Gina’s Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series is food lit at its best – each book has a cooking theme.

For example, Book 1 Tennessee Whiskey Cure centers around cooking with whiskey.  Book 2 Amish Homecoming Feast centers around food with an Amish influence.   Book 3 Mackinaw Cherry Redemption centers around cooking with cherries.  And so on…

More than just a theme, though, each book of our series includes actual recipes that are weaved into the story.  Readers are then able to prepare the recipes in their own kitchen.  This is a wonderful way to become connected with the stories and the characters.

Visit our Book Series page to see the full plan for all of the foods that will be featured during the series.

And visit our blog often to experience the recipes and book series come into existence!

Food Lit