By ChefGina


Book 1 Tennessee Whiskey Cure – Description

Tennessee Whiskey Cure is the book that launches Chef Gina Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series.


Tennessee Whiskey Cure

Book Description:

Accused of plagiarizing recipes – celebrity television Chef Gina loses her job and finds her boyfriend cheating all in same day.  At the urging of her handsome manager, Chef Gina reluctantly goes on the road to develop a food blog, cook book, and e-store to re-establish herself as a premier celebrity chef.

Still in shock by the unexpected disaster of her own life, she takes to the road in a motor home and starts driving aimlessly. Finding herself at a roadside diner in Tennessee which features Tennessee whiskey in the menu, she decides this is as good a place as any to start her new adventure.

She barters access to the owner’s recipes by working in the diner. Launching her new blog and developing recipes out of her small motor home kitchen proves to be challenging.

Plus, one of the diner’s waitresses views Gina as a threat to the woman’s crush on the owner.

A rather reluctant participant in her new life, Chef Gina finds that the people of Tennessee truly understand food and life. Through them she finds the courage to fight for her professional career and to not give up on love.

Recipes are included in this fictional food lit series that takes Chef Gina across America (Book 1 of a 32 book novella series).

Tennessee Whiskey Cure is still in the writing process.   Looking forward to the release!