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Book 2 Amish Homecoming Feast – Description

Amish Homecoming Feast

Amish Homecoming Feast

Book 2 of Chef Gina’s Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series

Accused of plagiarizing recipes and having lost her big city celebrity television chef job, Chef Gina has taken to the road in a motor home to develop a food blog, cookbook and e-store.

It is her desire to re-establish herself as a premier celebrity chef and win back her television job.  Admittedly, she is a rather reluctant participant in her new life.   Having already traveled to Tennessee and launched her new endeavor through developing recipes using whiskey as a featured ingredient (Tennessee Whiskey Cure) – Chef Gina has embraced her new quest of tackling her family’s best recipes.

Ready to move forward, Chef Gina decides to attend her cousin’s wedding in her hometown in Indiana.  There she has the opportunity to develop recipes drawing upon her Amish heritage.

Still emotionally raw from her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, Chef Gina finds herself once again attracted to her high school sweetheart. To make matters even more confusing, he offers her a job as the lead chef in his family’s restaurant that he now owns!

Considering the prospect of giving up on her celebrity chef dreams, Chef Gina must first face her past before she can decide how to conquer her future.


Recipes are included in this fictional food lit series that takes Chef Gina across America (Book 2 of a 32 book novella series).

State:  Indiana

Month:  October

Featured Food:  Amish Influence