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Pizza Pasta Liberty

Book 6 Pizza, Pasta, and Liberty – Description


Pizza Pasta Liberty


Pizza, Pasta, and Liberty

State: New York

Cooking: With Pizza, Pasta, & Sauces

Book 6 of Chef Gina’s Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series.

Chef Gina’s Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series is a food lit series – focusing on recipes as part of the fictional journey of Chef Gina’s travels across the United States.

Pizza Pasta Liberty

Pizza, Pasta, and Liberty  combines the tantalizing tastes of New York as Chef Gina sorts out her love life and continues to fight for her lost career.

Having already traveled from Illinois to Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Chef Gina finds herself in New York, New York for Book 6: Pizza, Pasta, and Liberty.     

Chef Gina’s adventures were launched in Chicago, where she went from living her dream life as a premier celebrity chef in Chicago to losing her career, boyfriend, and home – all in one day.  In an attempt to reclaim her career, Chef Gina hit the road in a vintage truck and travel trailer developing a food blog, cookbook, and e-store.

Now, in Book 6, with plans to conquer New York style pizza and pasta, who better to introduce her to the true food of New York than her handsome manager – as it is his childhood hometown!

Keeping the professional and personal line from blurring while the physical attraction between Chef Gina and her manager builds proves to be quite challenging.

When Chef Gina’s high school sweetheart (who had come back into her life in Book 2) fails to join her in New York for Valentine’s Day, her manager is far too happy to keep her company on a night meant for lovers.

This edition of Chef Gina’s Love, Adventure, and Recipe Series pushes Chef Gina to take a hard look at what she really wants in life and who she wants it with!



Read more about Chef Gina’s earlier adventures:

In Book 1: Tennessee Whisky Cure, Chef Gina discovers the flavors of cooking with whiskey at a roadside diner in Tennessee.  She also discovers that although tempted to give up – she actually does have the courage to face her new life adventures while fighting for her dreams.

In Book 2:  Amish Homecoming Feast, Chef Gina returns to her home state of Indiana and faces her past, rekindling a relationship with an old boyfriend.  There, she embraces many of the Amish foods and flavors of her childhood.

In Book 3:  Mackinaw Cherry Redemption, she journeys to Michigan’s Mackinac Island to help a friend in need.  Cherries are featured in decadent recipes.  While on Mackinac, Chef Gina learns that despite so many elements working against her (including a snowstorm), her own pride might be her ultimate undoing.

In Book 4: Apple Moonlight Christmas, Chef Gina’s travels take her to Ohio where she finds Christmas magic in the joy of cooking with apples.  There, she enters a cooking contest, but the possibility of losing the contest threatens her new and fragile path as a food blogger.

In Book 5:  Dutch Chocolate Madness, Chef Gina finds herself in Hershey, Pennsylvania where chocolate becomes the featured ingredient of the recipes she explores.  Desperate to ramp up her food blog with an interview with a chocolate connoisseur, Chef Gina finds that putting false charges of plagiarism behind her may not be so easy.


*Recipes are included in this fictional food lit series that takes  Chef Gina across America  (Book 6 of a 32 book novella series).


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